Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lazy Sundays...

I love sunday mornings...finally not in a rush to get the kids out the door. I have been neglecting posting with the chaos of holiday responsibilities, complicated by one kid with walking pneumonia and the other breaking a front permanent tooth in half....the joys of motherhood. I have quite a few large bowls and platters I still need to mix up new glazes for, fire and get to the gallery. I do have a few new pieces up in my etsy shop and will be listing more in the following days . . . One thing I finally accomplished is a long overdue update of both of my websites...I love the iweb program from Apple...when I got my new iMac last month, I started revamping my sites, for simplicity's sake really. I finally caved and signed up for a yearly .mac account (now called mobile me)...I had been against it for years mainly for the $99 annual fee...but I am at the point now, that whatever I can do to simplify gives me more time to make art. Their server does seem to be a little slow which is very bothersome, considering the size of their company and how much you pay for the service, but I am trying to be optimistic that this will not aways be the case. The really bad thing about the iweb program, is they do not make it very easy to publish your site to just any hosting server....I currently have my own hosting server and after waisting many hours trying to make everything work together, I finally just gave up and made my personal domains forward to the new iweb sites on my mac account. BUT the ease of updating the images and adding new work with so much less up front work on my end, is making this definitley worthwhile so check out the new sites....fine art: and illustration: let me know what you think.

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