Thursday, August 27, 2009

gearing up for fall

garden pic - passion flower in bloom
Fall is my absolute favorite time of much going on, with the kids going back to school it will be much easier to get back into a regular studio routine and get back into the swing of things...I will have shipments of new work going to the local galleries as well as lots of new items in my online shop...starting to pack it up for the holiday season. On another note, I am very happy to have finally gotten a share at a local CSA, Fernbrook Farms. I had been on a waiting list for about a is an amazing place worth checking out. I just took a quick one night canning workshop there the other night...I had canned my tomatoes a few years back, following the steps from a book and it took so much time that I kind of figured it wasn't worth it, but this workshop taught me a lot of tricks and tips that will make it much easier the next go around, so I am looking forward to bringing home the fall crops from the farm and being able to preserve some at least to last through the winter. My garden is looking pretty sad this year except for an amazing little pumpkin patch that just took off! After doing a lot of yard work early this spring, I had moved a lot of my plants around so much they had a hard time getting established, however, my daughter saw these seeds on sale at our local hardware store and we decided to throw them in there late in the season. I wished I saved the pack because I don't remember what they were called but they are supposed to be these turquoise blue pumpkins! I can't wait to see how they turn out, I am waiting to harvest a few of the large leaves for pottery bowls very soon.

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