Sunday, May 8, 2011

saying goodbye to elm studios

Yes, things have been very quiet here on the creative front . . . by now, if you know or follow my work at all, you know something is up . . . After over 7 years of trying to dissolve a corporation that was formed over 20 years ago (before LLCs were around) as my commercial freelance illustration company, the inc. has finally been laid to rest. I realize very well that this is not something that people want to do from a business standpoint...I have been known as elm studios for a very long time...way back when elm was actually my intials ;) . . .  but artistically I have felt very disconnected from that name for some time. That combined with the fact that what should have been a simple "pay my accountant $500 and dissolve the company legally and open my LLC", has now turned into a 7 year logistical nightmare and over $6000 in payments later because of an accountant who never did what he was supposed to do, followed by my wonderful state losing checks and paperwork. Elm Studios was a black cloud hanging over me and you cannot simply open an LLC with the same name...the state won't allow it. So now, crawling out from under my pile of paperwork, taxes, and boring new business obligations, I am taking a leap of faith and going forth . . . You can find me at my new home . . . Tierra Sky from now on . . . I feel liberated, renewed, inspired and looking forward to many creative years ahead . . . xo

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